The Best Laptops College Students in 2020

Every college student needs a laptop that  suits both their personality and the course  they are taking.  However, these days, there are so many options  to choose from, it doesn’t take long for  things to get more than a little confusing  whenever you go laptop shopping.  If you are currently facing this predicament,  you are in luck.  This article will outline all the best laptops  for college that you can buy today and help  you arrive at a decision that works for you.  Before we begin, it is important to keep in  mind the fact that you need to know exactly  what to look for and the things to consider  when purchasing a laptop for college.  You have to look at the general design and  whether it feels comfortable when using it.  Look at its performance; what advantage does  it have over other machines of the same price?  There are many more things to keep in mind,  but in the end they usually all boil down  to personal preference.  Here are our picks on the best laptops for  students: 

Number 1: Macbook Air  MacBook Air was immediately deemed a promising  laptop when it was first launched by Steve  Jobs in 2008, and since then it has inspired  over 10 years of laptop imitations like the  Macbook Pro.  It is a thin but powerful laptop, perfect  for college students.  It is easy to carry with yourself to school. 

Number 2: Dell XPS 13  Dell XPS 13’s version for 2019 is not radically  different when compared to the earlier versions.  It has been made to continue a generation  of Dell’s best laptops, and it does not  disappoint.  Here is a quick overview of what you can expect  from it.  The Dell XPS 13 now has new colors, serves  up a powerful Intel Whiskey processor and  a 4K display, ditching the ridiculous nosecam  that was in its previous versions.  It is lightweight and has longer battery life.  This laptop is among the best laptops in the  market for college students.  best Laptop bags for business travel

Number 3: Asus ZenBook UX333FA  The Asus ZenBook UX333FA comes with a beautiful  chassis and even more beautiful performance  capabilities.  This piece of machinery shines thanks to its  speedy performance and very long battery life.  It is beautiful and affordable.  However, the dim display and the short key  spacing are a turn off.  Generally, though, because it performs well,  this laptop is good for college students. 

Number 4: Lenovo Yoga Chromebook C630  This laptop is the first of its kind.  On top of its 4K display, the laptop is blazing  fast and durable because of its aluminum chassis.  Like its counterparts, the Lenovo Chromebook  heads up when performing heavy tasks for any  student.  If you want to make everyone around you jealous,  this is the laptop to get. 

Number 5: HP Envy 13T  The HP Envy 13 is super portable and is the  type of machine that you’d make a few sacrifices  to get.  However, when you have it in your hands, there  is nothing that you can throw at it that it  will fail to handle like a breeze.  This is the laptop that will run all your  programs for years without losing its impressive  capabilities.  If you are looking for a stylish, portable  laptop that will never disappoint you no matter  what you throw at it, this is it.  The HP Envy 13T is built to impress.  As a student, you have so many great laptop options to choose from.  it is  a good idea to get to know what options you  have first.  Take your course into consideration, and the  kind of tasks you will have to run on your  laptop on a regular basis. 

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