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How to choose your round beach towel?

A good beach towel is necessary for better relaxation and taking full advantage of the sun. But what to consider when choosing the right round beach towel?

The three main criteria that make the difference between a towel and another, are the size of the towel, its material and ultimately its design:

The material

The first factor to check on the material side is that the towel must be absorbent, that is to say that it easily absorbs moisture. The second condition, the towel must be soft in the shower, so avoid models that irritate the skin. Then, lightness is also important, a light towel does not weigh you down even if it is wet.

Finally, the beach towel must not trap the sand, it must be removed quickly.

Here are the 3 types of material found on the market:

Cotton towels:

  • very comfortable.
  •  sweet.
  • the sand is not quickly removed.

Honeycomb towels:

  • the sand is not quickly removed.
  • not sweet

Microfiber towels:

  • light.
  • dry quickly.
  • very absorbent.

As you have seen, each has its advantages and disadvantages.

From my experience I recommend that you opt for cotton.

You will thank later 😉


The size of the beach towel depends on the person. Generally, a diameter of 1.5 meters is more than enough and is suitable for almost everyone.

If you want more comfort, you can opt for a towel of 2 meters in diameter.


Regarding design and colors, it’s up to you to choose according to your preferences. Some people prefer sober and classic colors: blue, black…, others opt for more cheerful colors: orange, yellow. Same thing for the motif, there are several: sun, fruit, seashell.

If you want recommendations, I’ve been looking for the best models for you – you can find them below

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