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Racer car carrier

The Racer car carrier is a real racing car. Your little one will be able to put yourself in the shoes of a Formula 1 driver by taking a seat on his very comfortable ergonomic saddle . So he will be able to chain hours of wild racing!

The Racer carrier, like all vehicles of the brand, is made of very robust metal . So don’t worry, this toy car can withstand all of your toddler’s adventures! The rubber wheels ensure the stability of your little driver and calm in the house because they make no noise.

Why buy a Baghera carrier?

A unique design

The Baghera brand offers you baby carriers with a unique appearance . Their vintage look is absolutely cute! The designers have thought of everything down to the last detail to bring these small vehicles to life. Each carrier model is therefore exceptional.

Robust and durable carrier

Children tend to quickly damage their wearer because they do not know how to guide it correctly right away. Plastic models wear out quickly. The wooden ones last longer. But if you want a very solid carrier  in all situations then opt for a Baghera carrier. Indeed there is nothing more solid on the market because the carriers of this brand are all made with high quality metal. You can therefore keep it for the future generation!

Encourage your child to exercise

All children need to be able to let off steam because it often overflows with energy. The porter will make your little one want to have fun with it and therefore walk around all the rooms. Not only will it strengthen his muscles but also tire him. Thus, your child will only sleep better during his naps or even in the evening !

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