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England birthplace of Shakespeare and the Beatles is a country in the British Isles bordering Scotland and Wales one of the most visited countries in the world England offers travelers endless possibilities when it comes to fun things to see and do.  part of the beautiful British Isles this small but influential country is simply bursting with fascinating history exciting cities and rich cultural traditions. England is also extremely easy to get  around and whether you choose to tour the country by car or public transport  you’re guaranteed an unforgettable  experience England continues to be one  of the most popular tourist destinations  in the world in this video I will show  you some of the most attractive places  to visit in England but please support  me by subscribing this channel give like  and leave your comments. Landyn no superlative is too great when it comes to describing London the capital of England and the United Kingdom this bustling city is history personified from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace.  London is situated in the Southeast of  England in the Thames Valley home to  over 8 million people London has been an  important financial educational and  cultural center for hundreds of years  London is very easy to navigate around  and is compact enough to explore on foot  this world city is filled with iconic  symbols and one of the most easily  recognizable is Tower Bridge Buckingham  Palace perhaps the most famous palace in  the world is the official residence of  Queen Elizabeth from the ancient to the  modern the London Eye offers a complete  change of pace and perspective the  massive wheel is over 400 feet high and  takes 30 minutes to complete one  rotation. London will always be a city that looks towards the past and the future in equal measure.  one of the most popular places to visit  in England Stonehenge is a prehistoric  monument found in will chair Stonehenge  is perhaps the world’s most famous  prehistoric monument it was built in  several stages the first monument was an  early hinge monuments built about 5,000  years ago and the unique stone circle  was erected in the late Neolithic period  about 2500 BC in the early Bronze Age  many burial mounds were built nearby  today along with the memory it forms the  heart of a world heritage site with a  unique concentration of prehistoric  monuments.  with a history spanning 4,500 years Stonehenge has many different meanings to people today it is a wonder of the world a spiritual place and a source of inspiration.  Oxford a city in central southern  England revolves around its prestigious  University established in the 12th  century the architecture of its 38  colleges in the city’s medieval center  LED poet Matthew Arnold to nickname it  the city of dreaming spires along with  the rich history tradition and energetic  academic life there is a busy lively  world beyond the College walls the  University of Oxford is one of the  leading universities in the world York  is a walled city with a rich heritage  located where the river Foss meets the  River hours the place of extraordinary  cultural and historical wealth this  beautifully preserved medieval city is a  must visit for history buffs  one of the city’s landmarks is York  Minister this commanding stone Cathedral  is filled with remarkable works of art  plenty of exciting sites compete for  visitors attention as they stroll along  the city’s cobblestone streets  the Jurassic Coast.  it is a world heritage site on the English Channel coast of southern England.  the Jurassic Coast covers 95 miles of  truly stunning coastline from East Devon  to Dorset with rocks recording 185  million years of the Earth’s history the  Jurassic Coast is a walk through time  with its rocks and fossils we can  uncover detailed stories from Earth’s  ancient past the site consists of  Triassic Jurassic and Cretaceous cliffs  spanning the Mesozoic documenting 185  million years of geological history  Cambridge is a city on the river camp in  eastern England home to the prestigious  University of Cambridge.  it is an historic city about 80 kilometers north of London abounding with exquisite architecture exuding history and tradition and renowned for its quirky rituals Cambridge is a university town extraordinaire the tightly packed core of ancient colleges the picturesque Riverside and the leafy green meadows surrounding the city give it a more tranquil appeal.  the University of Cambridge found that  in 1209 is one of the top five  universities in the world it is a town  set in the rolling countryside of  southwest England known for its natural  Hot Springs and eighteenth-century  Georgian architecture honey-colored  baths stone has been used extensively in  the town’s architecture independent  creative unique and stylish bath is the  only place in the UK where you can bathe  in naturally hot spa water and original  Roman baths.  besides being famous for its waters the city also is an excellent example of Georgian architecture. 

beach product

How to choose your round beach towel?

A good beach towel is necessary for better relaxation and taking full advantage of the sun. But what to consider when choosing the right round beach towel?

The three main criteria that make the difference between a towel and another, are the size of the towel, its material and ultimately its design:

The material

The first factor to check on the material side is that the towel must be absorbent, that is to say that it easily absorbs moisture. The second condition, the towel must be soft in the shower, so avoid models that irritate the skin. Then, lightness is also important, a light towel does not weigh you down even if it is wet.

Finally, the beach towel must not trap the sand, it must be removed quickly.

Here are the 3 types of material found on the market:

Cotton towels:

  • very comfortable.
  •  sweet.
  • the sand is not quickly removed.

Honeycomb towels:

  • the sand is not quickly removed.
  • not sweet

Microfiber towels:

  • light.
  • dry quickly.
  • very absorbent.

As you have seen, each has its advantages and disadvantages.

From my experience I recommend that you opt for cotton.

You will thank later 😉


The size of the beach towel depends on the person. Generally, a diameter of 1.5 meters is more than enough and is suitable for almost everyone.

If you want more comfort, you can opt for a towel of 2 meters in diameter.


Regarding design and colors, it’s up to you to choose according to your preferences. Some people prefer sober and classic colors: blue, black…, others opt for more cheerful colors: orange, yellow. Same thing for the motif, there are several: sun, fruit, seashell.

If you want recommendations, I’ve been looking for the best models for you – you can find them below


How to choose the best and most beautiful beach towel?

Choosing beach towels is not as easy as it seems. Between the models of different sizes, of various colors, made in various materials, it is often difficult to choose. Follow our tips to find the beach towels that best suit your needs.

Beach towels: what size?

When buying a beach towel, the first question that often arises is the size of the towel to take. If you are looking for a napkin for your children, the ideal would be to choose napkins of reasonable size, that is to say that is 86 cm x 160 cm.

A towel of this size is also suitable if you do not want to clutter up during your luggage. For more comfort at the beach, opt for a beach towel of much larger size. This beach towel also called beach towel measures on average 100 cm x 175 cm. By opting for a beach towel of this size, you can be sure that your legs will not rest on the sand once on the beach.

If you are looking for a beach towel capable of accommodating two people at the same time, choose a model whose dimensions are almost similar to that of household linen. This beach towel measures on average 140 x 200 cm. The advantage of this type of beach towel is that outside of the beaches, you can use it as a blanket during picnics or play mats for children.

For detail about what items needs you for beach camping just click on link: essentials for beach camping

What material to choose?

Besides the size, the material of the beach towel is another important point to consider when buying a beach towel. The most common models are 100% cotton terry towels. They are soft to the touch and provide soft comfort. The disadvantage of this type of beach towel is that it tends to park the sand, which then becomes quite difficult to remove afterwards.

Microfiber beach towels are ideal, as they are lighter and hardly take up space in a suitcase. In addition, it is very absorbent and dries much more easily than a terry beach towel. However, if you opt for a sponge model, pay attention to the grammage of the sponge. The more important it is, the thicker and fluffier the towel will provide you with better comfort to the touch.

Which color should you prefer?

Admittedly, color is not a decisive criterion in the choice of a beach towel. However, it can change the game between two models with the same characteristics. If you have no idea, choose a towel model whose colors and patterns are reminiscent of the holidays. If you are looking for a beach towel for your children, the ideal would be to choose one whose patterns and shades are reminiscent of the colors of their favorite heroes. Whichever you choose, make sure you like the colors.


Gaming Chairs: A Quick Buyer Guide

we been asked a lot about my chair and whether I still use the Ikea Markus.  And the quick answer is yes but it’s not perfect.  I also have this other generic office chair that was a freebie but it also has its issues.  Why?  Well that’s what I want to cover in the video, so you know exactly what I look for in the perfect task chair for the office.  So let’s start with probably the most overlooked but actually one of the more important feature, the seat pan depth.  When you sit with your back flush against the chair your legs should hang over the edge leaving roughly around 2-3 inches of space between the seat edge and the back of your knees.  If the seat pan is too short your legs don’t get the proper support and if it’s too deep the seat will pinch the back of your legs cutting off circulation.  Some cheaper chairs will have limited seat pan adjustment like this knob here to move the chair back and forth, higher end chairs will usually have more adjustments for this but the ikea markus doesn’t have any so it’s not great for everybody. 

Next let’s look at seat height and this pretty standard on most chairs from cheap to expensive.  You’ll want to set your chair low enough so that your feet are firmly supported by the floor.  And also so that your arms are high enough so your forearms are roughly parallel or slightly downward with the table, while keeping your elbow close to your body.  This does sometimes mean you may need a footrest if your table is too high. 

Why Necessary ?

an adjustable desk like my Ikea so I can adjust it down to proper levels.  Arm rests are another thing I find pretty important especially if you’re sitting for long periods of time.  While not necessary for everyone, at least for me I like to lean on something once in  a while to take the weight off my back.  The arm rests on the Ikea Markus don’t move and are little too low for me too lean on sometimes.  Most other office chairs like my generic one has at least height adjustable arm rests but I still have a problem with these.  I like bring my chair really far forward so my forearms over the table and I can keep my elbows close to my body so I’m not reaching or hunching over.  The issue with typical armrest is even at the lowest setting they can get in way when I try to tuck in my chair in.  High end chairs will sometimes have more adjustments  so you can move them to the back or to the  side so you can avoid this problem or if you  don’t need them you can usually just remove  the arm rests entirely like I did for both  my Ikea Markus and Generic chair.  Everything else I look for in a chair is pretty standard.  Is the seat firm but comfortable?  Check.  Does the chair allow for the back to lean and lock in place when I want a change of position?  Check.  Is the lumbar support in the right position for my comfort?  Pretty good (terrible on my generic chair) Do I need a high back and head rest?  I really like the options.  Will it last for years to come?  Only time will tell but so far so good.

 So in the end what is the perfect chair?  Is the Ikea Markus perfect for me?  Not really but it’s decent for the price.  If you can afford to spend $800 plus on a chair you can look at the Steelcase or Herman Miller chairs that are super customizable and are built to last with long warranties.  And they’re definitely worth it especially if you’re sitting for hours but if you can’t afford them.  Well there are some cheaper options like buying used, or considering models like the Alera Elusion or Office Master OM5.  These look interesting but you often make some sacrifices on adjustability, build quality and warranty as you move down the price ladder.  Or if you’re lucky the Ikea Markus or some other cheap generic office chair could be perfect for you right out of the box.  But in the end you’re going to need test them out in person and check for all the things that I mentioned like seat pan depth, height, and arm adjustments to know what’s best for you.  Hopefully that helps you find your perfect office chair.  You know what to do. 


Gaming Chairs: Which model to choose?

When you have so many options it becomes a bit difficult to choose the perfect chair. All have their pros and cons, you just have to find which one best suits your needs.

The best thing you can do before making a purchase is to inform yourself and know the aspects of the chair, so you will avoid investing in a model that may not suit you so much.

In this compilation there are chairs for all kinds of people. If you are looking for a simple but functional model with a good size on the back then the S line is perfect for you, the only detail of these chairs is how firm they are. This may be an advantage for some since not everyone prefers soft padding chairs.

The SL2000 is an ideal model for young people who want a simple and ergonomic model, while the SL4000 is more recommended to an audience that may look for a more comfortable back.

If you are more corpulent than the rest, it is advisable to opt for the models of the P line such as the PL6000 since they have a high weight resistance. However, if you need more space in the seat, the SL5000 is the one indicated.

If you are looking for a unique and easy to maintain chair, the PL4500 is the best. Its coffee strands and silver seams will keep your chair hygienic and free of bacteria. In addition, it is one of the most aesthetic models and you can include the LED light that adds an interesting touch to your gameplay.

If yours is a modern chair, the Triigger 350 outperforms any chair in this compilation. It is extremely light and manufactured with Premium materials. It is the most expensive among all the chairs which may be the main negative aspect of it.

What characteristics are important in a chair?

The price, size, weight support, aesthetics and many other elements are usually the decisive factor of the buyers.

Some factors to take into account in a chair are the wheels and the base. All Vertagear chairs have a star-shaped base that will give you the perfect stability, along with excellent quality wheels.

Another important element is the firmness of the seat, since depending on this we can recognize how durable and comfortable the chair will be. Models that include lumbar support are highly recommended, since by spending so many hours sitting we can develop backaches or numbness. There is no use for a very nice chair but that is uncomfortable, the main thing to look for is the functionality and how adaptable to your body it is.

If you are interested in other high-end chairs, we can recommend you take a look at the DXRacer models, in this review we highlight the most important models.


Our Top 2 Gaming Chairs

This is the first question we are entitled to ask ourselves, why take a gaming chair rather than a standard office chair, or even a stool?

Obviously, it is above all a story of comfort. These chairs are inspired by the seats of racing cars, providing a pleasant shape for the backrest that your back can feel. The padding is also of a high quality, but especially the gaming chairs offer a lot of different settings regarding the inclination of the backrest, armrests, etc.

But this comfort is not only there to spend a pleasant time in these seats, it is especially present to take care of your health and especially your back! This is too rarely taken into account, but spending time sitting in the wrong chair or in the wrong posture can damage your back in the long run.

These gaming chairs catch the eye for their designs. When we do a setup, we often try to do something aesthetic and that suits us and, in this case,, we can find different styles of seats, ranging from the most sober, to the chairs with LED.


In short: The chair offering the best value for money on the market, everything is there: the extra cushions, the 4D armrests, the backrest tilt. The finishes are neat and everything is offered at less than 250 euros, a good deal.

  • Armrests: Completely adjustable
  • Frame: Metal
  • Recommended size: 155-190 cm
  • Max weight: 100 kg
  • Cover: Fabric
  • Backrest tilt: 180 degrees

Strong points:

  • 4D armrests
  • Backrest tilt
  • Metal frame
  • Booster cushion
  • Good lifespan

Weak points:

  • Max weight only 100 kg, avoid for large builds


In short: Quite simply, the best chair of 2020. A particularly solid seat capable of supporting up to 150 kg, very good dimensions and very good materials. Fully adjustable armrests as well as the inclination of the backrest, frame and metal jack. In short, everything you need on a good gaming chair with the added robustness.

  • Armrests: Completely adjustable
  • Frame: Metal
  • Recommended size: 155-195 cm
  • Max weight: 150 kg
  • Upholstery: Leatherette
  • Backrest tilt: 150 degrees

Strong points:

  • Fully adjustable armrests
  • Solid materials, a chair made to last
  • Reclining backrest
  • Booster cushions

Weak points :

  • The faux leather that tends to stick if you sweat

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