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The best ergonomic office chairs

The best ergonomic office chairs. Back pain is an embarrassment (or worse) that 70% of people will experience at least once in their life (source). And it is recognized that one of the sources of these pains is the increasingly long sitting at a desk. Some people spend up to 10 hours a day sitting, which is huge.

It is essential to be well seated to limit health problems and be able to stay focused on what you are doing. This is why it is necessary to invest in a comfortable office chair (or to request one) whether you work in the office, at home or use the computer for leisure.

SONGMICS OBG24B: the mid-range alternative

The SONGMICS OBG24B office chair is a chair that cannot be changed very much and therefore is not entirely ergonomic, but very comfortable. For example, the armrests are fixed. On the other hand, it has thick comfortable and enveloping padding.

The total height of the seat varies from 114 to 124 cm. The backrest measures a total of 76 cm. There is no real headrest and people over 1.75 cm will not be able to lay their head. The seat measures 50 cm deep. There is a 10 cm variation for the height of the seat and this allows you to find what is best for everyone. Thus, the top of the seat can be positioned between 47 and 56.6 cm from the ground. The maximum weight supported is 150 kg.

The cover is made of PU, it is polyurethane, a material which gives a leather look, but which is very easy to maintain. The whole is black, sober and professional.

For the backrest, there is a wrap-around double padding. And this padding is in high density sponge. This means that you are well settled and that the seat does not sag over the hours. The casters are also made of polyurethane, that is to say solid, but in a soft material which will not damage the floor. They slide easily on any type of soil.

It is possible to tilt the backrest while moving, up to 20 ° back. It is then possible to lock the position of the backrest and to maintain it permanently. In addition, it is always possible to buy independently a lumbar support to adapt it to this chair if you feel the need after a few weeks of testing.

✓ Advantages:

  • Variable height of 10 cm
  • Thick padding
  • Easy cleaning
  • Seat 50 cm deep
  • Simple assembly

✘ Disadvantages:

  • No lumbar support
  • Fixed armrest

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