Motorcycle carrier for kids

Motorcycle carrier 

With this motorcycle carrier your little one will take himself for a real little biker! Its height of 43 cm is perfect for babies 18 months and +. 

In addition, this motorcycle carrier is very realistic with its dashboard. It has in particular a beautiful headlight at the front of the vehicle like a real motorcycle. In addition, this motorcycle carrier has silent wheels. So, your child can move without the wheels making noise on the ground (for your enjoyment!). 

This Smoby carrier is available in pink / gray for girls and in orange / black for boys. 

Rooky metal carrier 

The Rookie carrier has a solid metal frame. It is a baby carrier; it can be used from 12 months. Indeed, its height is ideal so that your baby can go up and down there all alone. In addition, this carrier is light, so your baby can easily move it. It also has a handle under the seat so you can carry it everywhere with you. we also review about tricycle for kids you can see for your child.

With the Rookie carrier, your child will gradually learn to gain self-confidence. It will thus be able to walk alone on its carrier. In addition, this will allow him to develop his motor skills and his agility. 

The Rookie baby carrier has a small basket at the back so that your child can carry his toys during his races! 

Baby scooter carrier 

The Scooter baby carrier can only seduce you with its trendy look. Imagine your little one on this scooter carrier, he’ll love driving it won’t he? 

With a height of 47.5 cm, it is suitable for babies from 18 months. This child carrier has a seat that lifts and reveals a storage chest like in a real scooter! In order to make it even more realistic, this scooter carrier has a mechanical key and a headlight at the front. 

It has silent wheels so that your little one can move without noise. 

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