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Mars gaming chair


Mars gaming chair analysis This model was developed under an ultra-comfortable gaming design and has been specially created for those people who spend a lot of hours sitting playing a game. Its structure adapts perfectly to the natural shape of the body, providing relaxation and comfort.

In addition, it is available in the following 9 colors: red, green, blue, orange, yellow, purple, pink, black and white and in 6 models that vary in appearance.


The Mars Gaming MGC118 chair features a synthetic or PU leather covering that, perfect to protect the product from wear to provide complete comfort while offering the ideal touch. It also has a lightweight nylon mesh in its colored stripes that softens the padding used as back padding, as well as being absolutely breathable and durable.


One of its most interesting features is that it provides incredible well-being thanks to its intelligent ergonomic design that adapts to the natural curvature of the column and its first quality materials. In addition, it incorporates an optimized backrest to protect your back and a padded headrest for long gaming sessions that can take many hours.

Coverage and filling

As one of its most attractive details, is its triple layer with double cushion. The chair has an exclusive double padded system with double density foam, which combines softness and firmness to provide maximum comfort and care for the back for a long time.

Base and durability

The star base that makes up the chair is highly stable as it consists of a class 4 piston with 5 wheels of 5 centimeters in diameter, made of Nylon, which are ultra-resistant and designed to protect it from the continuous use required by a chair Special for video games. Likewise, all its parts and components have been treated exhaustively in order to offer a professional seat for all types of players.

Easy to clean

The chair cover is made of synthetic leather, also known as polyurethane, a material that does not absorb liquids, it only needs a dry cloth to remove dust or other dirt particles and, as an impressive detail, it has anti-wear properties.

Value for money

According to the specifications that have been mentioned, we have that it is a chair that is positioned as one of the best in cheap gaming chairs, which could be considered low-medium according to its functionality, tools included and functions offered. In conclusion, it is a model that meets expectations, especially if its low price is taken into account.

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