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Kaimeng Gaming Chair Assembly & Review

I ordered a gaming chair from Amazon  this is one of the cheaper ones and I’ve  ordered this model before, and I’ve had  nothing but good luck with it. it’s  pretty sturdy and I’m still using one.  this is my second chair because the old  chair that I was using in our game room  broke, so now we got another chair. so  let’s open it up see the quality, see if  it’s still as good as the old one and see if  I can recommend it to you guys looking  for a good deal on a gaming chair. and just one thing I love  about these chairs off Amazon is they’re  different manufacturers but  they’re also pretty much the same chair and  the price is under $60 shipped.

as you  can see the quality of the of the  pleather is pretty good has a leather  you know fabric so I can breathe better  and it’s got these holes in the back and a nice  little head rest. this is like a  full-size executive chair in a racing  seat style. a lot of these chairs will  cost you about you know a hundred, two  hundred fifty dollars elsewhere and I’ve  seen many of these in Amazon and  honestly after using this one I haven’t  noticed any difference. it has some  pretty easy to follow assembly  instructions. there’s not many steps  involved, and yeah.  no English required it just tells you  what to do. so now that we got this all  unpacked, let’s get out on the floor.

okay so this thing is really easy to get  together you do need tools but I like to  start with the part that doesn’t need  tools. so these just click right in.  all right so we got this centerpiece on,  and now I’m trying to get that chair  part on for the back support. it doesn’t  really tell you in the instructions  anywhere it doesn’t tell you anywhere in  the instructions where you put the back  whether or not it goes underneath this  or over it, but I can’t see it fitting  underneath it. now if that’s not the way  to do it, we’ll figure that out later. all  right, so it looks like this is the right  way to do it because everything is going  in now pretty smoothly.

Just gonna get  these screws in here and I’m gonna  tighten them really good.  it’s important that you make sure that  you put this on the proper way. if you  need to know what the proper way is this  divot right here sticks out. i’ll just use my  hand to kind of get this started. I do  the bottom first because it kind of  keeps it in and it’s easier to get this  bottom one in.  you just put these caps in to cover the  screw holes. you don’t have to  because to be quite honest these might  loosen up over time, if I’m honest with  you.  these’ll probably be coming off in a year,  usually when the screws start getting  loose they start coming out. so I’ll  leave you with a final shot of the final  product, and I gotta say it looks really  good.  $56 I can’t complain. it’s solid, it  supports my weight, and yeah it’s really  nice. very comfortable. so I hope you  enjoyed this video it’s very different  but I hope you enjoyed watching me put  it together. and if you would like to  purchase one of these chairs yourself  see the link in the description.

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