Gaming Chairs: Which model to choose?

When you have so many options it becomes a bit difficult to choose the perfect chair. All have their pros and cons, you just have to find which one best suits your needs.

The best thing you can do before making a purchase is to inform yourself and know the aspects of the chair, so you will avoid investing in a model that may not suit you so much.

In this compilation there are chairs for all kinds of people. If you are looking for a simple but functional model with a good size on the back then the S line is perfect for you, the only detail of these chairs is how firm they are. This may be an advantage for some since not everyone prefers soft padding chairs.

The SL2000 is an ideal model for young people who want a simple and ergonomic model, while the SL4000 is more recommended to an audience that may look for a more comfortable back.

If you are more corpulent than the rest, it is advisable to opt for the models of the P line such as the PL6000 since they have a high weight resistance. However, if you need more space in the seat, the SL5000 is the one indicated.

If you are looking for a unique and easy to maintain chair, the PL4500 is the best. Its coffee strands and silver seams will keep your chair hygienic and free of bacteria. In addition, it is one of the most aesthetic models and you can include the LED light that adds an interesting touch to your gameplay.

If yours is a modern chair, the Triigger 350 outperforms any chair in this compilation. It is extremely light and manufactured with Premium materials. It is the most expensive among all the chairs which may be the main negative aspect of it.

What characteristics are important in a chair?

The price, size, weight support, aesthetics and many other elements are usually the decisive factor of the buyers.

Some factors to take into account in a chair are the wheels and the base. All Vertagear chairs have a star-shaped base that will give you the perfect stability, along with excellent quality wheels.

Another important element is the firmness of the seat, since depending on this we can recognize how durable and comfortable the chair will be. Models that include lumbar support are highly recommended, since by spending so many hours sitting we can develop backaches or numbness. There is no use for a very nice chair but that is uncomfortable, the main thing to look for is the functionality and how adaptable to your body it is.

If you are interested in other high-end chairs, we can recommend you take a look at the DXRacer models, in this review we highlight the most important models.

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