Beach Wheels VS Regular Wheels at the beach

Today we are showing how the Keenz 7s stroller wagon does at the Beach. How the regular stock wheels with the Keenz 7s stroller wagon can perform at the Beach  So this is the pacific Northwest, so we mostly have rocks and some hard wet packed sand  But we are starting out with Abel he’s 20 pounds and the beach wheels. I wanted you to see both sides of this story  The trick to the beach wheels is to always have the large wheels  Going first whether you’re pushing or pulling if you’re pushing you’d be standing at the other end with the small wheels  Now the small wheels that come with the beach wheels they don’t lock so they always swivel  which is the reason it’s the best to have the big wheels first because then you can really control the steering, as  You can see if you’re pushing those front wheels really don’t want to listen to what you’re wanting  So I think that if you’re gonna have those big wheels first you’re gonna have the best experience?  These large beach wheels really do a good job at cushioning more of the harder jolts.  For more detail click on link beach wagons with big wheels.

You’ll see later on with the regular wheels that it’s a little bit more bumpy  Since I don’t have this soft gorgeous beautiful sand here in the pacific. She’s got one kiddo riding and as you can see it’s a very smooth ride with one hand  She’s pulling it with the small wheels first and it’s doing pretty great I  would definitely for sure  Get the beach wheels if you have sand like this and not just the gravel that I have  So now I’m moving on to my regular wheels on the rocky area of the beach  I have my front wheels locked so they don’t swivel and the push is actually very decent I  Can push or pull it with no problems, and it still steers alright. 

So now I’m a little bit further out  Closer to the water and this is wet packed sand  And I’m still using my regular wheels with the front ones locked I  Still just got the one kiddo riding  and  It’s actually a really smooth push. I’m having no issues pushing this with one hand  If it was fully loaded I’d probably need two


but I can still turn with the front wheels locked. It’s just a wider gradual turn.  It’s not too bumpy for the baby  He seems to be enjoying himself  These wheels are ok for hard wet packed sand but they are pretty dirty  So these are still the regular wheels I’m going over some water and the muddy kind of gross stuff  That happens at low tide and I left a pretty good dent in the mud  But I was able to push through easily and then up onto the gravel with no problems.

it  is really bumpy for the baby as you can see how much jolting around so I think the beach wheels would be better for  this  this is my final view of the regular stock wheels that come with your Keenz 7s stroller wagon as  You can see it does handle pretty well over the sort of terrain  but I do think that the beach wheels absorb more of the shock and  It would be useful even for going to playgrounds and to trails I wouldn’t be trying to hop any tree logs or anything with them  But they would do nice over uneven terrain just to kind of protect your little rider in there. 

So now that I’ve had to clean both sets of wheels  I’m Gonna go over what I found  I have the regular wheels on the right the beach wheels on the left and these are both the front swivel wheels  the Beach wheel came clean very easily with minimal effort  but the regular swivel wheel had a whole bunch of sand packed up under here where the brake is and  That wasn’t fun to get out and I wouldn’t want to see you having your regular wheels damaged because of packed in sand  So the beach wheels are definitely a good buy!