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Mars gaming chair


Mars gaming chair analysis This model was developed under an ultra-comfortable gaming design and has been specially created for those people who spend a lot of hours sitting playing a game. Its structure adapts perfectly to the natural shape of the body, providing relaxation and comfort.

In addition, it is available in the following 9 colors: red, green, blue, orange, yellow, purple, pink, black and white and in 6 models that vary in appearance.


The Mars Gaming MGC118 chair features a synthetic or PU leather covering that, perfect to protect the product from wear to provide complete comfort while offering the ideal touch. It also has a lightweight nylon mesh in its colored stripes that softens the padding used as back padding, as well as being absolutely breathable and durable.


One of its most interesting features is that it provides incredible well-being thanks to its intelligent ergonomic design that adapts to the natural curvature of the column and its first quality materials. In addition, it incorporates an optimized backrest to protect your back and a padded headrest for long gaming sessions that can take many hours.

Coverage and filling

As one of its most attractive details, is its triple layer with double cushion. The chair has an exclusive double padded system with double density foam, which combines softness and firmness to provide maximum comfort and care for the back for a long time.

Base and durability

The star base that makes up the chair is highly stable as it consists of a class 4 piston with 5 wheels of 5 centimeters in diameter, made of Nylon, which are ultra-resistant and designed to protect it from the continuous use required by a chair Special for video games. Likewise, all its parts and components have been treated exhaustively in order to offer a professional seat for all types of players.

Easy to clean

The chair cover is made of synthetic leather, also known as polyurethane, a material that does not absorb liquids, it only needs a dry cloth to remove dust or other dirt particles and, as an impressive detail, it has anti-wear properties.

Value for money

According to the specifications that have been mentioned, we have that it is a chair that is positioned as one of the best in cheap gaming chairs, which could be considered low-medium according to its functionality, tools included and functions offered. In conclusion, it is a model that meets expectations, especially if its low price is taken into account.

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Gaming chair: buying guide

Our selection of the best Gaming Chairs / Gaming Chairs / Gaming Chairs for your gaming sessions!

As usual, before revealing our selection, we will focus on the criteria for choosing a good gaming chair. 

Because you love your PC and spend several hours a day on it for different reasons (gaming or office automation), the same is true: being comfortably installed behind your PC screen is essential!

So we went in search of the best gaming seats according to your budget. As usual, before revealing our selection, we will dwell on the criteria for choosing a gaming chair. 

 ” The Gamer must think of his gaming position and be comfortable in his chair. And in this area, nothing beats a good gaming chair!”

Selection criteria

seat back recline Ergonomic backrest and positions

Gaming chairs generally adopt a bucket shape for perfect posture maintenance. The sides of your back are also maintained to naturally adopt the optimal position in front of your PC screen. Whether it is the kidneys or the neck, everything must be well maintained! Also, practical, depending on the version, you can adjust the inclination of the seat and the height of the seat. (we recommend it!)

On some models: The angle of the backrest is adjustable up to 180 degrees to adjust perfectly to your needs. Very useful if you want to orient your seat for occasional use in racing simulations for example.

Some also have a flexible tilting function which allows the backrest to accompany you when you want to let yourself go backwards (for a nap for example).

The cushions

Some armchairs are also equipped with 2 cushions, one for the lower back and the other for the neck so that you are perfectly seated in your seat.

Adjustable armrests

Armrest The armrests, an essential element! They relieve the neck, shoulders and forearms! So your arms will be in an ideal position to use your gaming mouse and gaming keyboard.

it is easy to adjust and it allows such comfort to type on the keyboard that it is difficult to do without once you get used to it.

Depending on the range of the armchair, the armrests are not all adjustable in the same way:

in height

in width (more or less separated from the body)

in depth (front to back)

rotating (more or less inward or straight)

Manufacturing quality

Each seat in this guide is equipped with a robust metal structure for durable use (For your long and intense play sessions!).

The objective is obviously to resist over time!

The coating

Leather3 possibilities are offered to you. Depending on your mood, you will have either fabric, leather or imitation leather.

Fabric: The fabric is soft, but it stains and stays a little worse over time. Maintenance is therefore not to be neglected.

Leatherette: its major advantage is its price much lower than REAL leather, comparable to that of a fabric. Leather: This noble material gives more character to the seat

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The best ergonomic office chairs

The best ergonomic office chairs. Back pain is an embarrassment (or worse) that 70% of people will experience at least once in their life (source). And it is recognized that one of the sources of these pains is the increasingly long sitting at a desk. Some people spend up to 10 hours a day sitting, which is huge.

It is essential to be well seated to limit health problems and be able to stay focused on what you are doing. This is why it is necessary to invest in a comfortable office chair (or to request one) whether you work in the office, at home or use the computer for leisure.

SONGMICS OBG24B: the mid-range alternative

The SONGMICS OBG24B office chair is a chair that cannot be changed very much and therefore is not entirely ergonomic, but very comfortable. For example, the armrests are fixed. On the other hand, it has thick comfortable and enveloping padding.

The total height of the seat varies from 114 to 124 cm. The backrest measures a total of 76 cm. There is no real headrest and people over 1.75 cm will not be able to lay their head. The seat measures 50 cm deep. There is a 10 cm variation for the height of the seat and this allows you to find what is best for everyone. Thus, the top of the seat can be positioned between 47 and 56.6 cm from the ground. The maximum weight supported is 150 kg.

The cover is made of PU, it is polyurethane, a material which gives a leather look, but which is very easy to maintain. The whole is black, sober and professional.

For the backrest, there is a wrap-around double padding. And this padding is in high density sponge. This means that you are well settled and that the seat does not sag over the hours. The casters are also made of polyurethane, that is to say solid, but in a soft material which will not damage the floor. They slide easily on any type of soil.

It is possible to tilt the backrest while moving, up to 20 ° back. It is then possible to lock the position of the backrest and to maintain it permanently. In addition, it is always possible to buy independently a lumbar support to adapt it to this chair if you feel the need after a few weeks of testing.

✓ Advantages:

  • Variable height of 10 cm
  • Thick padding
  • Easy cleaning
  • Seat 50 cm deep
  • Simple assembly

✘ Disadvantages:

  • No lumbar support
  • Fixed armrest