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2 Best swimsuits for beach

Eudolah Femme One Piece Swimsuit Elegant Slimming

Always in our quest to determine which is the best one piece swimsuit for women on the market, this brand is essential. Eudolah respects this trend with its sexy Body Guide model by using an 80% polyamide and 20% elastane fabric for its one-piece swimsuit. This material is recognized for its lightness, non-deformable structure and its resistance to mold.

This model rather has an original design with a single strap for the right shoulder. The fabric is arranged in a spiral to cover the hip. This is a breathable type with a very thin lining to provide maximum comfort.

It is also a padded variant at chest height. Note the presence of folds in the arms and hip, which perfectly highlights the curves and curves. This accessory is available in four colors including red or blue.

For the

Sexy design: Whether it is the material used or the different elements that compose it, this specimen is set to be one of the most efficient. There is no sexier on the market today. Besides, it looks like it is more of a naughty underside with its somewhat provocative design.

Nice selection of colors: There is something for everyone, from classic black to red and light purple.

The cons

Beautiful to see, but only from the front: Although the front is truly attractive, the appearance of the back remains banal with a finish not very well worked.

TDOLAH large size

To find the swimsuit that suits your figure perfectly, it is sometimes wise to take a look at the comparison sites. On such sites, you can find models that are both comfortable and stylish. This is, for example, the case of the TDOLAH model which combines both a one-piece swimsuit and a bikini.

Indeed, this article is a two in one model. It is subdivided into two parts of different colors, making it look like a bikini. The top is very stylish, in a very attractive bright color. It is made up of a generous neckline that will highlight your chest. The bottom, of a black color is sober.

In short, if you want to combine sobriety and style in the same swimsuit, you can without hesitation turn to this model. As for the fabric, this product is made of 80% polyester and 20% elastane.

Which gives the jersey both softness and flexibility. It allows you to swim freely in the water while leaving you the leisure to stroll on the beach showing off your silhouette with pride.

You are wondering where to buy the best swimsuit for women, since there is no shortage of sellers. The solution is to go where you can find several models corresponding to your measurements. Among our most popular products, the large TDOLAH holds a good place in our ranking.

Good points

Comfortable: Its composition of 20% elastane and 80% polyester gives it good flexibility.

Chic design: This elegant-looking item is a subtle blend of bikini and one-piece swimsuit.

Available in several sizes: Whether you are slim or with generous shapes, this model will fit you perfectly. It has indeed some variations in measures.     

Negative points

Size to check: Take a size slightly below or above your usual size. Some say the product is a little too large.

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iHome & iLife dwse Beach Tent

iHome & iLife dwse-11 beach tent stands out from the other products in this comparison by its automatic mounting system. Its patented structure allows it to be set up automatically and to be removable in just a few seconds. It does not ask you to make any assembly making this pose very practical.

The flysheet fabric in this product is polyester coated with silver. It is able to filter out UV rays, which can attack your skin. This component is waterproof allowing you to stay sheltered whatever the weather on the beach. Moreover, it is able to resist stains to maintain its initial appearance over a long period.

Its design provides good ventilation. It offers ventilation at the back. This ensures good air circulation between the room and the flysheet. Such an article allows you to have a good time on the beach without being too exposed to the heat. This device has a large floor mat made of breathable polyester which resists humidity so as not to put you in direct contact with the ground. It let its users know which is the best beach tent on the market.  

In this ranking, we also find the iHome & iLife dwse-11, a beach tent also large enough to accommodate one or two adults. Among the beach tents on the market, this offers some interesting features.


Automatic erection: Thanks to a patented structure, this iHome & iLife dwse-11 beach tent has the particularity of being able to set up automatically, once it is removed from its bag. Folding is also done in just a few seconds.

Floor mat: This model also includes a large 180 cm long expansion floor mat allowing you to sit or even lie down, or even to store your belongings (clothes, towels, bottles, etc.) sheltered from the sand. This rug is made of breathable and moisture-resistant polyester.

The cons

Folding a bit complicated: Some users recommend doing a folding test at home, or even several, before taking this tent to the beach or camping. This will allow you to exercise away from wind and view.

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Qualities to Look for in a Beach Chair


Why is the weight of a beach chair important? Because it is not uncommon to have to park half a mile or more from the beach, especially on summer Sundays. Having to walk that far or even further while carrying a chair that weighs 15 pounds or more will put a damper on the whole day. Not to mention the fact that you have to bring it back to the car at the end of the day when you’ve beaten to avoid frolicking in the waves. This is one of the reasons why you don’t see a wooden lounge chair on our list. The heaviest chairs on our list weigh between 13 and 14 pounds. And for practical reasons, you don’t want to go much further than that. Unless, of course, you have your own private beach.


As you can see from the list above, the new generation of beach chairs has adopted portability. Many of them have an inward folding system that allows them to be installed and disassembled in seconds and stored in a small, tidy tote bag. But even the high back of the old school, the low chair turns into a beach chair into a backpack thanks to the straps that are located under the chair. If a chair is not equipped with any means to facilitate your task, it is because it is alive in the 20th century. If you want more accessories for the beach just click here.


The portability we just mentioned is very important and many chairs have tackled the issue by adopting the ability to fold and unfold in seconds. However, not all folding chairs are created equal. The beach chairs on this list are all well designed, use quality materials and put a lot of thought into their mechanics. However, there are lots of other beach chairs out there that look good but start to fall apart after just a few uses. The bottom line is that the best beach chair performs its basic function simply and reliably over and over again.


As we mentioned, there are too many chairs that start to collapse as soon as you unpack them. This is because the joints are poorly designed, the frame is made of cheap aluminum, the seat seams are second class and so on. Quality materials are as important to a beach lounge chair as they are to your living room furniture. So what you want to see are things like aircraft grade aluminum tubing for the frame, stainless steel screws for the connections, 600D ripstop nylon or something equivalent for the seat and wide legs and robust that will not crack under your weight or melt after hours in the hot sand.


This is where things turn to the subjective because really, the style you like is the style you like. Fortunately, there are lots of styles to choose these days so everyone should be able to find something that delivers them to their happy place. If you like to tinker with something like the Nice lightweight beach chair should be on your ropes. It weighs almost nothing and breaks to fit in a small bag. The trade-off is that it has to be assembled. If you like old school design, there are chairs like the Rio Beach Classic 5. If you want your chair to be on the cutting edge of technology, try one of the indoor folding chairs from our list. And if you’re interested in bringing luxury to the beach, try the reclining lounge chair SUV, the Rio Beach Sunbed.


The best beach chair is a lot but it is not much if it is not comfortable. Most people spend long hours in their beach chair, so it is important that the seat material is not irritating, that the balance is not in doubt, that the armrests are well positioned and made of quality materials and that the thing does not sink deep into the sand because it has very fine feet. Also, when you lean back on the chair, you don’t want to feel reinforcement bars on the back of the chair that sink into you. And if the chair has an umbrella, you want to be sure that it is easy to adjust and that it does not bother you when you are trying to get up or sit down.

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How to choose a good camping chair?

You may be wondering how to buy a better value camping chair. If we have to give you advice, it would be to base your choice on important criteria, but also to educate yourself well on the product before buying it. Here are some criteria that we consider useful for choosing a camping chair.

The type of camping chair

There are many models of camping chairs on the market. Before choosing one, think first about your needs. Why do you need to buy a camping chair? You may answer that it is to go camping. But sometimes you just need it for your garden, right? Some people would even look for camping chairs to use at the beach. Which is not a bad thing. But all this to tell you that the chair model that you need to buy must match your needs.

So there are for example the traditional folding chairs, the model that can be used everywhere. There are also lounge chairs that you can recline as you wish. On the other hand, if you are thinking of going a little far to camp, do not buy a lounge chair, because it will clutter you.

Some models can be used on the beach, but also in the garden when you want to lie down a little under the sun. There are other forms of chairs such as armchairs or even stools. The latter are, for example, very popular in fishing. Children have their own model of camping chair. In general, these are folding chairs that take the form of animals or that are printed as cartoon heroes. To find the price of camping chairs, consult a price comparison and compare the cheapest on the market.

The practicality of the chair

When camping away from our home with the whole family or with several friends, we mainly try to use equipment that is easy to handle. This is why the choice of the camping chair is of paramount importance. A practical camping chair is first of all a foldable chair. Indeed, this type of chair allows you to move easily. You just have to fold it, take the chair and change places.

A practical chair is not very heavy. Indeed, there is no reason to take it if you cannot move it because it is heavy. In addition, it should not clutter, because otherwise it will take up too much space in the car, which is not necessarily very practical. 

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How to choose your round beach towel?

A good beach towel is necessary for better relaxation and taking full advantage of the sun. But what to consider when choosing the right round beach towel?

The three main criteria that make the difference between a towel and another, are the size of the towel, its material and ultimately its design:

The material

The first factor to check on the material side is that the towel must be absorbent, that is to say that it easily absorbs moisture. The second condition, the towel must be soft in the shower, so avoid models that irritate the skin. Then, lightness is also important, a light towel does not weigh you down even if it is wet.

Finally, the beach towel must not trap the sand, it must be removed quickly.

Here are the 3 types of material found on the market:

Cotton towels:

  • very comfortable.
  •  sweet.
  • the sand is not quickly removed.

Honeycomb towels:

  • the sand is not quickly removed.
  • not sweet

Microfiber towels:

  • light.
  • dry quickly.
  • very absorbent.

As you have seen, each has its advantages and disadvantages.

From my experience I recommend that you opt for cotton.

You will thank later 😉


The size of the beach towel depends on the person. Generally, a diameter of 1.5 meters is more than enough and is suitable for almost everyone.

If you want more comfort, you can opt for a towel of 2 meters in diameter.


Regarding design and colors, it’s up to you to choose according to your preferences. Some people prefer sober and classic colors: blue, black…, others opt for more cheerful colors: orange, yellow. Same thing for the motif, there are several: sun, fruit, seashell.

If you want recommendations, I’ve been looking for the best models for you – you can find them below