How to choose the best and most beautiful beach towel?

Choosing beach towels is not as easy as it seems. Between the models of different sizes, of various colors, made in various materials, it is often difficult to choose. Follow our tips to find the beach towels that best suit your needs.

Beach towels: what size?

When buying a beach towel, the first question that often arises is the size of the towel to take. If you are looking for a napkin for your children, the ideal would be to choose napkins of reasonable size, that is to say that is 86 cm x 160 cm.

A towel of this size is also suitable if you do not want to clutter up during your luggage. For more comfort at the beach, opt for a beach towel of much larger size. This beach towel also called beach towel measures on average 100 cm x 175 cm. By opting for a beach towel of this size, you can be sure that your legs will not rest on the sand once on the beach.

If you are looking for a beach towel capable of accommodating two people at the same time, choose a model whose dimensions are almost similar to that of household linen. This beach towel measures on average 140 x 200 cm. The advantage of this type of beach towel is that outside of the beaches, you can use it as a blanket during picnics or play mats for children.

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What material to choose?

Besides the size, the material of the beach towel is another important point to consider when buying a beach towel. The most common models are 100% cotton terry towels. They are soft to the touch and provide soft comfort. The disadvantage of this type of beach towel is that it tends to park the sand, which then becomes quite difficult to remove afterwards.

Microfiber beach towels are ideal, as they are lighter and hardly take up space in a suitcase. In addition, it is very absorbent and dries much more easily than a terry beach towel. However, if you opt for a sponge model, pay attention to the grammage of the sponge. The more important it is, the thicker and fluffier the towel will provide you with better comfort to the touch.

Which color should you prefer?

Admittedly, color is not a decisive criterion in the choice of a beach towel. However, it can change the game between two models with the same characteristics. If you have no idea, choose a towel model whose colors and patterns are reminiscent of the holidays. If you are looking for a beach towel for your children, the ideal would be to choose one whose patterns and shades are reminiscent of the colors of their favorite heroes. Whichever you choose, make sure you like the colors.

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