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iHome & iLife dwse Beach Tent

iHome & iLife dwse-11 beach tent stands out from the other products in this comparison by its automatic mounting system. Its patented structure allows it to be set up automatically and to be removable in just a few seconds. It does not ask you to make any assembly making this pose very practical.

The flysheet fabric in this product is polyester coated with silver. It is able to filter out UV rays, which can attack your skin. This component is waterproof allowing you to stay sheltered whatever the weather on the beach. Moreover, it is able to resist stains to maintain its initial appearance over a long period.

Its design provides good ventilation. It offers ventilation at the back. This ensures good air circulation between the room and the flysheet. Such an article allows you to have a good time on the beach without being too exposed to the heat. This device has a large floor mat made of breathable polyester which resists humidity so as not to put you in direct contact with the ground. It let its users know which is the best beach tent on the market.  

In this ranking, we also find the iHome & iLife dwse-11, a beach tent also large enough to accommodate one or two adults. Among the beach tents on the market, this offers some interesting features.


Automatic erection: Thanks to a patented structure, this iHome & iLife dwse-11 beach tent has the particularity of being able to set up automatically, once it is removed from its bag. Folding is also done in just a few seconds.

Floor mat: This model also includes a large 180 cm long expansion floor mat allowing you to sit or even lie down, or even to store your belongings (clothes, towels, bottles, etc.) sheltered from the sand. This rug is made of breathable and moisture-resistant polyester.

The cons

Folding a bit complicated: Some users recommend doing a folding test at home, or even several, before taking this tent to the beach or camping. This will allow you to exercise away from wind and view.

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