Motorcycle carrier for kids

Motorcycle carrier 

With this motorcycle carrier your little one will take himself for a real little biker! Its height of 43 cm is perfect for babies 18 months and +. 

In addition, this motorcycle carrier is very realistic with its dashboard. It has in particular a beautiful headlight at the front of the vehicle like a real motorcycle. In addition, this motorcycle carrier has silent wheels. So, your child can move without the wheels making noise on the ground (for your enjoyment!). 

This Smoby carrier is available in pink / gray for girls and in orange / black for boys. 

Rooky metal carrier 

The Rookie carrier has a solid metal frame. It is a baby carrier; it can be used from 12 months. Indeed, its height is ideal so that your baby can go up and down there all alone. In addition, this carrier is light, so your baby can easily move it. It also has a handle under the seat so you can carry it everywhere with you. we also review about tricycle for kids you can see for your child.

With the Rookie carrier, your child will gradually learn to gain self-confidence. It will thus be able to walk alone on its carrier. In addition, this will allow him to develop his motor skills and his agility. 

The Rookie baby carrier has a small basket at the back so that your child can carry his toys during his races! 

Baby scooter carrier 

The Scooter baby carrier can only seduce you with its trendy look. Imagine your little one on this scooter carrier, he’ll love driving it won’t he? 

With a height of 47.5 cm, it is suitable for babies from 18 months. This child carrier has a seat that lifts and reveals a storage chest like in a real scooter! In order to make it even more realistic, this scooter carrier has a mechanical key and a headlight at the front. 

It has silent wheels so that your little one can move without noise. 


Toys: best talking doll

Even if you find that your child is more alert than some, you certainly hope that he will externalize his emotional side in the environment where he grows up. So, to bring out the emotional side that you expect from your child, the only way is to offer them live dolls or other similar quality toys. He will thus leave on a good basis in his education.

Dolls have appeared since ancient times and have attracted the curiosity of all children to the present day. Classified among the toys favorable to the awakening of the children, the dolls act in an advantageous way on the whole of the functioning of their intelligence. Practically, the first use of baby dolls appeared around the year 100 of our era. In our era, its use remains one of the perfect choices among many other toys.

What is the best talking doll?

A live baby doll is a representation very close to the reality of a real baby. Hence the close similarity with a human baby. The living baby doll reproduces certain actions that your little one does during the day; he often cries, feeds and also needs in childbirth. So it’s not just a simple figuration like what you can find from regular sellers. In this case, it is a special toy and beneficial in teaching your child.

Mon Amour – Talking Doll Interactive

This interactive doll measures 46cm. It weighs 1.5kg and can withstand a maximum support of 9.07g. It is powered by 3 LR6 batteries. This model is offered with a register of 100 sentences and 8 pre-recorded songs.

The Talking Mon Amour doll will make an excellent gift for little girls aged 3 and over.

The Mon Amour blonde doll benefits from exceptional design quality. Her clothes and hair accessories were well designed. In addition, her body is flexible and her hair is very silky.

VTech 153905 – Baby doll – Little Love

This progressive and interactive baby can read and sing. He stammers on the words that are repeated to him, and that’s not all, he knows 10 songs and recognizes his bottle. To trigger its modes: reading, language learning, music or song, just press one of its 4 buttons following the correct match.

Little Love is suitable for little girls two years and older.

This baby is favored by the ergonomic arrangements of its buttons. Besides, the various animations which accompany it entertain the little girls wonderfully well. For outdoor toy for your kids you can also use best skateboards for kids.