Ride on Toys for kids

Racer car carrier

The Racer car carrier is a real racing car. Your little one will be able to put yourself in the shoes of a Formula 1 driver by taking a seat on his very comfortable ergonomic saddle . So he will be able to chain hours of wild racing!

The Racer carrier, like all vehicles of the brand, is made of very robust metal . So don’t worry, this toy car can withstand all of your toddler’s adventures! The rubber wheels ensure the stability of your little driver and calm in the house because they make no noise.

Why buy a Baghera carrier?

A unique design

The Baghera brand offers you baby carriers with a unique appearance . Their vintage look is absolutely cute! The designers have thought of everything down to the last detail to bring these small vehicles to life. Each carrier model is therefore exceptional.

Robust and durable carrier

Children tend to quickly damage their wearer because they do not know how to guide it correctly right away. Plastic models wear out quickly. The wooden ones last longer. But if you want a very solid carrier  in all situations then opt for a Baghera carrier. Indeed there is nothing more solid on the market because the carriers of this brand are all made with high quality metal. You can therefore keep it for the future generation!

Encourage your child to exercise

All children need to be able to let off steam because it often overflows with energy. The porter will make your little one want to have fun with it and therefore walk around all the rooms. Not only will it strengthen his muscles but also tire him. Thus, your child will only sleep better during his naps or even in the evening !


Walking wagons for Kids

To help your child improve his motor skills , give him a wooden walking cart. This equipment is not only for educational purposes. It also allows the little one to have fun. Some models are delivered with sliding games, built-in games… Others are more simplistic. Here is our selection of the 11 best wooden walking carts.

IM TOY wooden walking trolley

This multi-activity wooden walking trolley is the preferred vehicle for 12-month-olds . It is a very solid and very stable early learning toy.

Made exclusively of solid rubberwood, it does not expose to toxic substances , much less its paint. On the contrary, your little one benefits from great security by steering anti-slip rubber and  ultra-quiet wheels .

This wooden walking trolley has a chest and is easy to assemble (in less than 10 minutes). Your baby will believe himself on the farm because this toy has the shape of a cow with his black and white dress.

Other animals are available for this wooden utility cart.

Trolley wood walker pusher

The wooden caddy pusher represents a pretty Scandinavian style shopping trolley. Your child can push him to help him get started. So this wooden walking cart is a great help to encourage your little one to walk. In addition, it develops in particular the sense of balance in babies from 1 year.

This caddy also has the advantage of being fitted with silent rubber wheels that leave no marks on the ground. In addition, the wheels have pretty stars. This wooden walking wagon is light, so your baby will have no trouble pushing it.

This baby walker has a cotton basket so that your child can walk around with their favorite toys. But he can also play the merchant and put his shopping in his basket.


Reviews toys tools set

We’ve got this awesome tool set.  We’re going to take a look at some new tools today.  We’ve got our bulldozers and our cement trucks.  We’ve got out drill and hammer.  Let’s take a look at all of our cool toys. Alright, guys. First up, we’ve got our pliers.  There are really cool.  These are actually sharp enough to cut any type of screw or nail.  You simply put it inside that opening there and snip it and that cuts it.  These are pliers. Let’s take a look at this one.  This is our file. This is our metal file.  You take a file and put it on the end of a nail or screw and you file it down straight. 

This is one of the coolest things we’ve got in our tool set.  Next up, flat head screwdriver.  You wanna know why they call it flathead?  Because it’s flat. That’s right.  It’s flat in the front. See?  There’s nothing like it.  It’s not like a Phillip’s.  This is called a Phillip’s screwdriver because it’s not flat in the front.  It’s got four sides.  Flat head and a Phillips.  Now let’s take a look at our drill.  This thing actually works.  Check out our drill.  You ready for this?  Pretty cool drill, huh?  This baby can almost screw in a screw.  But it is a toy. It’s not real.  We’re gonna check out our hammer.  The next one is our hammer.  And of course you know what we do with hammers. if you want wagon for kids then you can read our review on  portable utility wagons.

Now we’ve got our saw. That’s right, these blades are so sharp they  could cut through anything.  I definitely could use that on some wood, that’s for sure.  Then, we’ve got our wrench.  It’s actually two-sided. And believe it or not, you can actually use this side, too. It comes in different sizes.  Let’s see if we can find a different one.  Yep! We did. There it is. See that one? Same type, but only bigger.  Look at how big it is compared to this wrench. It’s huge!  Now we have our small hammer.  Look at the size of this little guy.  This one’s tiny for little jobs and this one is big for big jobs.

Alright, let’s move on to our next tool.  And we’ve got our miniature saw.  This one’s for wood. You can cut wood with this.  This one actually cuts metal.  You can cut metal with this one.  This is the type used only for wood.  Wood saw. Metal saw. Pretty cool, huh?  Alright, let’s move on to our ball peen.  Ball peen hammer, it’s called.  It’s got two different. It’s like a mallet on one side and it’s curved on the other.  This is different than this one.  This is a traditional hammer.  And you see this part right here?  That part pulls out all the nails. If you make a mistake. So, what else do we have? We’ve got our adjustable wrench.  Look at this baby. This one’s the coolest.  Cause it actually adjusts.  You can open it up.  You see that opening? You simply move this little piece right here back and forth  and it opens and closes it’s mouth.  It’s an adjustable wrench.  we read review on best beach wagons for soft sand you can check here just click on link.

This is different than this one.  You can adjust this but this one, this one’s not.  You can’t adjust the tip of that, just that one.  Alright let’s go, move on.  Oh, this is another type of this is like a plumber’s wrench.  These are for big jobs when plumbers tighten up the pipes when they’re working on your sink or your tub, or your toilet. This one works amazing.  Again, you can adjust it right here and it opens and closes. Alright, what else do  we got? Our last piece. Our awesome, handy-dandy light.  Does it work? Oh, you bet it does.  Aw, yeah. It lights up.  This one’s pretty tough.  Well, that’s actually what it’s called. Now,  this one is a two-sided wrench. 

But both sides, this one  and this one can be used  to tighten up screws or bolts  or lug nuts of any size. As long as it fits inside. It’s gotta fit inside there.  And let’s take a look  at what we have here.  This is one of the coolest in the toolbox.  This adjusts for measurement.  Let’s take a look at that.  Let’s get in close on that one.  Pretty cool, huh? Look at that.  Slide it down and measure it up. So how big is that?  I don’t know but I can take it and measure it.

airport Transfers

How to Say London Airports

London has more airports than any other city in the world – six. Why? Most big cities have one huge airport.  How did London end up with so many little ones and why are they in such inconvenient places?  The answer is… a fiddly and complicated one.  Come with me now through the mists of time  back in time to a time ten minutes before Britain’s aviation story started, when our story starts.  In 1903 the Wright brothers invented the aeroplane.  Five years later an engineer with an enormous moustache called Claude Grahame White  set up Britain’s first aerodrome in Hendon in north London. If you want to airport you can use mini cab booking services.

All you needed for an aerodrome was a large field with enough room for taking off and landing,  somewhere to store the planes when you weren’t flying them  and a clubhouse that wouldn’t let you in unless you had a bushy enough moustache.  So far, flying was just a leisure pursuit for the fabulously wealthy who already had their own planes.  ‘I say chaps last one to arrive in Manchester has to telephone the Queen and a blow raspberry’ But little did Claude Grahame White know that his expensive hobby things  were soon to become a major military importance. 

In the First World War, aeroplanes were used for taking photos of and then dropping bombs on the enemy.  The newly formed Royal Flying Corps took over Hendon  and started building new aerodromes all over the South East. Shut up!  It was clear after the war that planes were going to play a huge role in the country’s future.  But predicting and sensibly preparing for this future was harder than you might think.  Some experts thought the plane would go the same way as the car –  smaller and more affordable and that everyone would be flying their own private planes around just like Biggles.

These serious plans from the 1920s and 30s showed just how wrong it was possible to be.  This is my favorite one. In 1931 there was a genuine plan to build an aerodrome right here  in the middle of London on the rooftop of Kings Cross Station.  It would have had six runways facing in all directions with planes taxiing round  the outside like an enormous bicycle wheel. The idea was people could commute to central London by plane.  It seems ludicrous now, but thirty years prior to that the idea of flying at all was pretty insane  so this wasn’t much of a stretch.  What actually happened was planes were getting bigger and could travel much longer distances. 

Gaming Chairs

Kaimeng Gaming Chair Assembly & Review

I ordered a gaming chair from Amazon  this is one of the cheaper ones and I’ve  ordered this model before, and I’ve had  nothing but good luck with it. it’s  pretty sturdy and I’m still using one.  this is my second chair because the old  chair that I was using in our game room  broke, so now we got another chair. so  let’s open it up see the quality, see if  it’s still as good as the old one and see if  I can recommend it to you guys looking  for a good deal on a gaming chair. and just one thing I love  about these chairs off Amazon is they’re  different manufacturers but  they’re also pretty much the same chair and  the price is under $60 shipped.

as you  can see the quality of the of the  pleather is pretty good has a leather  you know fabric so I can breathe better  and it’s got these holes in the back and a nice  little head rest. this is like a  full-size executive chair in a racing  seat style. a lot of these chairs will  cost you about you know a hundred, two  hundred fifty dollars elsewhere and I’ve  seen many of these in Amazon and  honestly after using this one I haven’t  noticed any difference. it has some  pretty easy to follow assembly  instructions. there’s not many steps  involved, and yeah.  no English required it just tells you  what to do. so now that we got this all  unpacked, let’s get out on the floor.

okay so this thing is really easy to get  together you do need tools but I like to  start with the part that doesn’t need  tools. so these just click right in.  all right so we got this centerpiece on,  and now I’m trying to get that chair  part on for the back support. it doesn’t  really tell you in the instructions  anywhere it doesn’t tell you anywhere in  the instructions where you put the back  whether or not it goes underneath this  or over it, but I can’t see it fitting  underneath it. now if that’s not the way  to do it, we’ll figure that out later. all  right, so it looks like this is the right  way to do it because everything is going  in now pretty smoothly.

Just gonna get  these screws in here and I’m gonna  tighten them really good.  it’s important that you make sure that  you put this on the proper way. if you  need to know what the proper way is this  divot right here sticks out. i’ll just use my  hand to kind of get this started. I do  the bottom first because it kind of  keeps it in and it’s easier to get this  bottom one in.  you just put these caps in to cover the  screw holes. you don’t have to  because to be quite honest these might  loosen up over time, if I’m honest with  you.  these’ll probably be coming off in a year,  usually when the screws start getting  loose they start coming out. so I’ll  leave you with a final shot of the final  product, and I gotta say it looks really  good.  $56 I can’t complain. it’s solid, it  supports my weight, and yeah it’s really  nice. very comfortable. so I hope you  enjoyed this video it’s very different  but I hope you enjoyed watching me put  it together. and if you would like to  purchase one of these chairs yourself  see the link in the description.


The Best Laptops College Students in 2020

Every college student needs a laptop that  suits both their personality and the course  they are taking.  However, these days, there are so many options  to choose from, it doesn’t take long for  things to get more than a little confusing  whenever you go laptop shopping.  If you are currently facing this predicament,  you are in luck.  This article will outline all the best laptops  for college that you can buy today and help  you arrive at a decision that works for you.  Before we begin, it is important to keep in  mind the fact that you need to know exactly  what to look for and the things to consider  when purchasing a laptop for college.  You have to look at the general design and  whether it feels comfortable when using it.  Look at its performance; what advantage does  it have over other machines of the same price?  There are many more things to keep in mind,  but in the end they usually all boil down  to personal preference.  Here are our picks on the best laptops for  students: 

Number 1: Macbook Air  MacBook Air was immediately deemed a promising  laptop when it was first launched by Steve  Jobs in 2008, and since then it has inspired  over 10 years of laptop imitations like the  Macbook Pro.  It is a thin but powerful laptop, perfect  for college students.  It is easy to carry with yourself to school. 

Number 2: Dell XPS 13  Dell XPS 13’s version for 2019 is not radically  different when compared to the earlier versions.  It has been made to continue a generation  of Dell’s best laptops, and it does not  disappoint.  Here is a quick overview of what you can expect  from it.  The Dell XPS 13 now has new colors, serves  up a powerful Intel Whiskey processor and  a 4K display, ditching the ridiculous nosecam  that was in its previous versions.  It is lightweight and has longer battery life.  This laptop is among the best laptops in the  market for college students.  best Laptop bags for business travel

Number 3: Asus ZenBook UX333FA  The Asus ZenBook UX333FA comes with a beautiful  chassis and even more beautiful performance  capabilities.  This piece of machinery shines thanks to its  speedy performance and very long battery life.  It is beautiful and affordable.  However, the dim display and the short key  spacing are a turn off.  Generally, though, because it performs well,  this laptop is good for college students. 

Number 4: Lenovo Yoga Chromebook C630  This laptop is the first of its kind.  On top of its 4K display, the laptop is blazing  fast and durable because of its aluminum chassis.  Like its counterparts, the Lenovo Chromebook  heads up when performing heavy tasks for any  student.  If you want to make everyone around you jealous,  this is the laptop to get. 

Number 5: HP Envy 13T  The HP Envy 13 is super portable and is the  type of machine that you’d make a few sacrifices  to get.  However, when you have it in your hands, there  is nothing that you can throw at it that it  will fail to handle like a breeze.  This is the laptop that will run all your  programs for years without losing its impressive  capabilities.  If you are looking for a stylish, portable  laptop that will never disappoint you no matter  what you throw at it, this is it.  The HP Envy 13T is built to impress.  As a student, you have so many great laptop options to choose from.  it is  a good idea to get to know what options you  have first.  Take your course into consideration, and the  kind of tasks you will have to run on your  laptop on a regular basis. 


Beach Wheels VS Regular Wheels at the beach

Today we are showing how the Keenz 7s stroller wagon does at the Beach. How the regular stock wheels with the Keenz 7s stroller wagon can perform at the Beach  So this is the pacific Northwest, so we mostly have rocks and some hard wet packed sand  But we are starting out with Abel he’s 20 pounds and the beach wheels. I wanted you to see both sides of this story  The trick to the beach wheels is to always have the large wheels  Going first whether you’re pushing or pulling if you’re pushing you’d be standing at the other end with the small wheels  Now the small wheels that come with the beach wheels they don’t lock so they always swivel  which is the reason it’s the best to have the big wheels first because then you can really control the steering, as  You can see if you’re pushing those front wheels really don’t want to listen to what you’re wanting  So I think that if you’re gonna have those big wheels first you’re gonna have the best experience?  These large beach wheels really do a good job at cushioning more of the harder jolts.  For more detail click on link beach wagons with big wheels.

You’ll see later on with the regular wheels that it’s a little bit more bumpy  Since I don’t have this soft gorgeous beautiful sand here in the pacific. She’s got one kiddo riding and as you can see it’s a very smooth ride with one hand  She’s pulling it with the small wheels first and it’s doing pretty great I  would definitely for sure  Get the beach wheels if you have sand like this and not just the gravel that I have  So now I’m moving on to my regular wheels on the rocky area of the beach  I have my front wheels locked so they don’t swivel and the push is actually very decent I  Can push or pull it with no problems, and it still steers alright. 

So now I’m a little bit further out  Closer to the water and this is wet packed sand  And I’m still using my regular wheels with the front ones locked I  Still just got the one kiddo riding  and  It’s actually a really smooth push. I’m having no issues pushing this with one hand  If it was fully loaded I’d probably need two


but I can still turn with the front wheels locked. It’s just a wider gradual turn.  It’s not too bumpy for the baby  He seems to be enjoying himself  These wheels are ok for hard wet packed sand but they are pretty dirty  So these are still the regular wheels I’m going over some water and the muddy kind of gross stuff  That happens at low tide and I left a pretty good dent in the mud  But I was able to push through easily and then up onto the gravel with no problems.

it  is really bumpy for the baby as you can see how much jolting around so I think the beach wheels would be better for  this  this is my final view of the regular stock wheels that come with your Keenz 7s stroller wagon as  You can see it does handle pretty well over the sort of terrain  but I do think that the beach wheels absorb more of the shock and  It would be useful even for going to playgrounds and to trails I wouldn’t be trying to hop any tree logs or anything with them  But they would do nice over uneven terrain just to kind of protect your little rider in there. 

So now that I’ve had to clean both sets of wheels  I’m Gonna go over what I found  I have the regular wheels on the right the beach wheels on the left and these are both the front swivel wheels  the Beach wheel came clean very easily with minimal effort  but the regular swivel wheel had a whole bunch of sand packed up under here where the brake is and  That wasn’t fun to get out and I wouldn’t want to see you having your regular wheels damaged because of packed in sand  So the beach wheels are definitely a good buy!