How to choose the right student computer?

Certainly, finding a student computer is very easy since there are many models on the market, yet finding one that is of quality and meets your expectations is another. And this is where our buying guide for the best student computers comes in. Recommendations that you will certainly find useful to help you make the best choice. Here are some basics that you should keep in mind: the weight, the storage space, as well as the duration of the battery and the processor, without neglecting to go through a price comparison.

The weight

Depending on the measures in which you carry your student computer every day, a large screen may not be the most suitable. Indeed, it is nice to have a mini-computer wherever you plan to go and you will stop wondering about how to choose the best student laptops for machine learning. A large weight, ranging from 15 ”, is an additional chore to carry throughout the campus. Less cumbersome than a large computer, the best would be to favor a device of 13 to 14 ”, because it will be able to make room for other articles such as books and thus minimize the weight burden of your bag. Since most of your time will be spent on essays, research papers, and online chat, a medium-sized student computer would be crucial.

Storage space

In order to know which student computer to choose, you should always make sure that your computer meets your needs with considerable storage space. If you plan to install multiple programs on your device, or just want to hang on to large multimedia files, you will need at least 500 GB of storage space. On the other hand, if you are one of the students who are content to work online, you could get by with less space. No matter which path you take, always keep in mind that storage affects your computer’s reading speed. The more the memory is full, the more your device will become more and more obsolete. Advantage therefore the most efficient computer with a satisfactory storage capacity.

Battery life

If you are still wondering where to buy the best student computer, this article might just help you. For this, you must consider the duration of the battery. Therefore, the ideal is to opt for student computers that have a long battery life. Thus, your computer would be able to give you the benefits of the power and efficiency of its battery. A resistant battery is beneficial for users who want to leave their computer unplugged. Indeed, to get better performance, it is not ideal to use your device while charging the battery. So don’t forget to go through a comparison so that you can get an idea of ​​the relative endurance between the different models and thus have the best student computer.

The processor

To finally resolve the question of how to buy a better value student computer, you should also consider studying the processor. Chromebook, for example, generally runs on low-power processors, but sufficient for the various online tasks that you will have to perform. For remarkable performance, opt for a Windows 10 or Mac Os machine with an Intel Core i5 or Core i7 CPU. Or even better, those which end with ” H ” or ” HQ ” are also devices of great prowess with an impressive capacity of use, what one can generally find in OP +.

Gaming Chairs

Cheap Gaming Seat

If you are looking for a cheap gaming chair, then you can without further delay discover our selection of the best cheap gaming chairs currently marketed on the internet.

Cheap gaming seat: often damaging faults…

However, if you are looking for a cheap gaming chair, then you must have noticed that it is currently very difficult to find a chair that is quality and which is at the same time below 100 € .

It is important to specify that you can find seats that will be below 69 € but know that for the moment we have not been able to find any equipment up to our criteria with a competitive specification. So beware of the products under this symbolic bar which are often low quality products on aspects such as:

  • Comfort
  • The quality of the casters
  • Lack of ergonomics
  • Lack of fit possible
  • The often fragile coating
  • Lack of kidney and head cushion

Here is a selection of three models which are under the 100 $ gaming chairs and which will bring you complete satisfaction for this price range. It should however be specified that these products are not perfect but that they will be able to satisfy a person who seeks all the same a minimum of comfort and a minimum of specificities with regard to ergonomics in particular to use a chair in everyday life.

The cheap gaming chair from the brand Tresko

As we mentioned in our selection of the best entry-level, the Tresko gaming chair is in our eyes the model that has the best value for money currently on the market. Available in a plurality of colors, this model is the delight of all those who have taken the step of buying it thanks to a very interesting overall service. In terms of comfort, the padding of the seat and the materials used are of very good quality with the presence of two armrests and an integrated headrest. The possibilities of fine adjustment to adjust the seat to make it as ergonomic as possible are also well thought out. This cheap gaming chair and moreover capable of accommodating a maximum load of 120 kg for a very reasonable weight since it weighs only about 15 kg. You can therefore have a great time and have one of the best value for money available on the market today.


Does Disk Speed Affect Gaming? SSD vs HDD vs NAS Benchmarks

Today I’m going  to benchmark a few different games running  on an SSD, hard drive, and NAS over both ethernet  and WiFi to try and determine how different  storage types affect gaming performance.  Personally I run most of my games off of my  NAS, it’s got a lot of space and I can easily  use the same files across many different computers  without having to copy anything. This got me interested in finding out if this affects  performance at all, so I’ve done a series  of tests to see.  I’ve tested 7 different games on an SSD,  hard drive, and NAS using both ethernet and  WiFi. Here are the different speeds of each  disk according to Crystal Disk Mark.  we analyze best laptops for interior design if you can buy just click on link.

The SSD is a Crucial SATA3 drive, while the hard drive is a 1TB 5,400 RPM disk.  The NAS is running 4 4TB 7,200RPM disks in RAID 6, and it’ll be limited by its gigabit  connection. We can see here that ethernet connectivity is much better than my wifi.  I’ve also tested disk latency, as this may be a better indicator compared to raw transfer speed if the game is fetching small files  regularly rather than doing a bulk transfer.  Basically this is the amount of time between  a request for data and the return of that  data. As expected we can see the SSD is quickest, followed by hard drive, NAS with ethernet, then NAS with WiFi which is quite a lot behind,  just like the speed test results.  My WiFi tests were done with a laptop in the  same room about 5m away from the access point,  your results will vary based on hardware and  distance. 

So we can see there’s quite a different  range of read and write speeds here, now let’s  find out if these differences translate to  any difference in frame rates with our games.  While I’m expecting the disk speeds to affect  how long it takes for the games to initially  load, I have my doubts about it making a noticeable  difference once playing the games, as most  of the data needed will have already been  loaded, so let’s find out!  As originally expected there really isn’t too much difference, and to be honest most differences are so subtle they’re within the margin of error. Some games seem to indicate that faster storage does translate to better frames per second, while others are all over the place and it doesn’t seem to help at all.

All games were tested with their maximum settings, as I wanted as many pieces of information  to load as possible.  I’ve also tested how long it took to actually load the games up with the different types  of storage, as I figured this would make the  most practical difference based on the type  of storage, so let’s check those results.  So basically if you don’t want to wait around to get into your games, an SSD or even local  hard drive is faster than using a NAS in most  cases as expected. Of course SSD space is  more expensive when compared to mechanical  hard drives, so it’s up to you to determine  if this is worth paying for, especially as  games continue to get larger.

In terms of the gaming experience once you’ve loaded the game up, there really isn’t that much  noticeable difference in terms of FPS between  the different storage types from my testing.  This could of course vary based on the particular  game, for instance if you have a game that  needs to continually load a lot of information  from disk while playing, you might notice  some slight hiccups.  I had a few of these while testing with the  NAS over WiFi, from time to time there were  a few stutters where things would pause, most  noticeably in Watchdogs 2 while driving around  the map as I assume there were delays when  new parts of the map would load. Using the NAS over WiFi was the only time I experienced any noticeable issues while playing the games on the different types of storage.  Basically if you can afford SSD space for your games, go for it, otherwise a slower mechanical hard drive is probably fine if you don’t mind waiting for your games to load.  So what sort of disk do you store your games on? From my tests here, it doesn’t seem to matter too much in terms of FPS, but more noticeably affects overall loading time. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments, and leave a like on the video if you found the information useful. Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to subscribe for future tech videos like this one. 

airport Transfers

Some Mistake you will make in London in first 3 days

That’s a great tip Rob and a really good point!  So if you’re gonna be flying internationally   across a few time zones  and landing early in the morning at the airport,  give yourself a break,   don’t have anything crazy planned for the day,  you do want to do things so that you motivate yourself to stay awake so you can get on london time,  however don’t plan anything that you would be really upset that you didn’t really enjoy  because you were just so tired.  From London to airport use Gatwick Airport Shuttle Service

This city can be super overwhelming   when you first get here  and i think a lot of times that people,   when they come to visit,  get a little uncomfortable   and they stick to things that they know  so if they see like familiar restaurants or clothing brands, shops or stuff like that  they end up only visiting and checking out those things as opposed to exploring beyond and seeing  what london really has to offer.  Especially if you’re, gonna be in very “touristy” areas like: Liccadilly circus, Leicester square,  Trafalgar square, do your research ahead of time so that you know  some really good places to eat, to have a drink or if you want to do any kind of attractions around there.  On that note if you’re trying to find a good place to eat   or to drink in one of these areas  I don’t recommend relying on the trip advisor app. 

Sometimes it can be helpful and i know it’s easy to go to when you’re in a pinch  but I’ve had a look there and there are some really amazing food spots around these areas  that don’t even crack the top 20 and there are some places that don’t really look nice at all that do  and are frequented a lot by tourists   because just they’re high up on trip advisor  know that trip advisor the algorithms  can be skewed it can be easily manipulated  I mean I read an article the other day, about a woman who faked a restaurant in her shed in london  and was able to get it to the number one spot for restaurants in london  that people were calling her up asking to make reservations.  My point is is that you’ll miss out on some amazing hidden gems here  if you only stick with trip advisor recommendations. 

So do your research, see if you can get some recommendations from local londoners  who actually know good food spots around the area  because they know the area really well   and they live here,  and yeah don’t get stuck in a tripadvisor trap.  If you’re like: “Jess I feel so overwhelmed with trying to plan my first few days in london, oh my god, help me!”,  then you need to have a look at my   ‘3 day  london’ itinerary,  it’s a flexible non overwhelming   plan for your first three days here.  It combines some of the top things to do   and see in london  with a bunch of really great   local hidden gem recommendations. 

In a feedback survey, one of my itinerary users said:   “I really liked how detailed the itinerary is,  it’s full of so much information,   I can’t wait to use it for my trip to london” in june 2018.  Thank you so much and if you want to find out more about my ‘3-day london’ itinerary  you can click the card that’s popping up here   or the link down in the description.  This video is part of a four part ‘3 days in london’ series  that will help you with  your first few days in london.  To watch another video in this series click one of the videos that are popping up over here. 

Gaming Chairs

How to Adjust Your Ergonomic Office Chair Properly

I’m here today to demonstrate  how to adjust a chair to prevent back problems.  Many people damage themselves because they  don’t know how to adjust their chair correctly.  In order to make sure that the chair is adjusted  at the correct height you have to sit right  back into the chair  with your hips higher,  your knees lower, and with your feet  firmly on the floor.  The depth of the seat should also be adjusted properly.  You should never have more than three to four fingers’ gap  between your knee and the edge of the seat. you just click on link and read full article on PlayStation 4 Compatible Gaming Chairs.

 That’s how to adjust it – properly.  The back rest of a chair can be raised or lowered according  to the individual requirements  of the end user, with the most pronounced part of the  chair sitting in the small of your back.  The back angle of the chair can be altered depending  on the individual’s requirements  and the preferred working position. 

The armrests of the chair  are necessary to remove the strain and the  weight from the upper back. The lack of arms  can lead to serious problems to the upper  back and shoulders.  The width of the arms can be changed.  The proper way to adjust them  is where the arms naturally fall.  The arms of a chair are an extension of your desk.  It is very important to have them adjusted  at the right height. They move up and down.  That is the right height.  The strain taken completely off the upper back and shoulder area  with your hands resting on the desk. 

When the arm is too low it forces the user to move their  arm down which pulls the shoulder down, putting  additional strain on the shoulder area.  Both the chair and the desk should be adjusted correctly,  depending on the height of the end user.  If the end user is quite short, they could use  a footrest.   If the end user is quite tall  they could raise the desk.  The tension of the chair can be adjusted   from the side, underneath the seat.  It should be adjusted in such a way  to ensure the free-floating movement of the chair,  both in the backward,   and in the forward position.