10 Important Things About Gatwich Airport

If you’re visiting   London and you’re traveling   through Gatwick Airport, here are  some important things  to know before you go.  By the way, if you’re new here, I’m Jess, and I help people who are visiting London  to experience the city like a Londoner,  which is me, I am a Londoner. Gatwick Airport is located  outside of the city.  It’s all the way south of London,  which means that taxis are  actually really expensive  to and from the airport.  There are, however, lots  of transportation options  to get you from the airport to the city,  and for the sake of the  length of this video,  I won’t talk you through all of them,  but you can see all of your options  in my free London 101  Guide, which you can get  by clicking the link in the  description of this video.  There are two terminals, North  Terminal and South Terminal.  It’s really important for you to know  which one you are flying out of,  otherwise you can waste a ton of time,  and there’s a shuttle that will get you  between each of the terminals.  The train station is in South Terminal,  so if you plan on taking  the Gatwick Express  or just the regular train, once you get  out of arrivals, just  follow all the signs.  It’s really well signed, you’ll  be able to find it easily.  You can also buy tickets in the station,  and there’s always staff members there  to help if you have any questions.  You can use your Oyster card  to get to and from the airport.  If you plan on taking the Gatwick Express,  you can use your Oyster card  to pay for your journey,  but I recommend, instead, to  book your ticket in advance  online, ’cause you’ll save  yourself a lot of money.  If you plan to take the  regular train to or from  the airport, it will take it  a little bit longer, but it is  cheaper, and you can use your  Oyster card for that journey.  Head to your gate early.  Gatwick does this thing where they wait  ’til the very last minute to  post your gate for your flight,  so as soon as you see that gate posted,  head to your gate,  because a lot of the gates  at Gatwick take really  long time to get to,  and you don’t wanna find yourself running  to make sure you don’t miss your flight.  There are pay-to-use lounges.  If you aren’t flying business,  or have one of those lounge passes,  you can still book  yourself into one of the  pay-to-use lounges, which  are in each of the terminals.  You can go and try to book yourself in  on the day when you get to the airport,  but I’d recommend booking in advance,  because then you can take advantage  of the premium security  line, and you can also ensure  you actually get a spot in the lounge,  ’cause they do get booked up.  Make sure you have a pen with you on the plane.  If you’re arriving to Gatwick  from a non-EU country,  you’re gonna have to  fill out a landing card,  which they will hand  out to you on the plane.  If you have a pen with you, then you can  fill it out on the plane, and you don’t  have to delay getting on  to the integration line,  which usually gets very long.  Arrive to the airport two or  three hours before your flight.  I’ve never seen Gatwick have long lines at security,  but it’s always best to just  get there nice and early  so you can account for if  you happen to have any delays  on the train, or if the bag  drop line is really long.  (There’s lots to do.  If you arrive to Gatwick early,  you have plenty of  pretty good food options,  plus there’s some  shopping that you can do,  so you won’t be bored as you  wait for your gate to pop up.  And finally, I can’t think of anything  for number 10, so enjoy Gatwick.  If this is your first  time visiting London,  I have a free London 101 Guide,  which tells you everything  you need to know  before you get here, and you can get that  by clicking the card popping  up in the corner here.  Gate early, no, weird  thing with my hands there.  Head to your gate early!  Arrive, everyone’s just like– 

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